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Unlikely Stops
in the Road…

by Jean Bowick

Sunset Road

I’m one of those people who often find myself in unusual places.  Last weekend that place was the National Wild Turkey Federation Awards banquet. I’ve only fired a gun once in my life, so attending a convention hosted by avid, camo-cloaked hunters wasn’t exactly the natural progression of things.
Not as I saw it anyway.
But when I traced the steps that brought me, it made perfect sense. It was traveling out West that got me there. Lots of roads lead out West, and happily, all these roads – along with the tiny towns they connect – show up on the map.  Yes, traveling is easy out West, even with the occasional, high-altitude snowstorms known to beset the unexpecting summer traveler.  
I was just such a traveler. Thankfully, however, this Southerner was able to recognize the mysterious white powder for what it was (mostly from pictures in books), and we made it through the snow okay, employing some educated, expert maneuvering tactics… like slowing down.  
As it happened, while heading through one of the aforementioned, easy-to-navigate, elbow-in-the-road towns (population circa 250), we met a couple of kindred folk. Despite the broad gap in our social – and geographical – upbringing (aptly encouraged by the Great Divide), we found common ground in our respective family, and small-town, experiences. They, like my son and me, were travelers at heart.  They also happened to love hunting, which is how we happened to find ourselves – a year later – at the national, wild turkey hunters’ convention.
It always interests me the unlikely places our paths will take us if we stay on them long enough – and if we stay in touch with the people we meet as we go. But that’s something we don’t often do as we should. These days miles aren’t the greatest things that separate us. There are still 24 hours in each day, but they somehow seem to be filled up already, long before we ever get to them…. and all the other things we never seem to get to.
But all this just reminds me how great it is to be at a place like, where we can couple our good intentions with real connections to the people we care about. We no longer have to wait until Christmas to send out our special well wishes and remembrances – our next birthday party, child’s graduation or baby shower is usually right around the corner. With personalized invitations, announcements and photo greeting cards, CrinkledNose makes it easy to stay in touch when these and other special occasions come around. In the march of time, we can be thankful that special occasions keep coming – no matter how many unlikely stops we make along the way.


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